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Fresh Set of Eyes utilizes the experience of its CEO and founder, Terri C. Albert Ph.D., with industry and academic accelerators (read more…) This unique path began with her learning model adopted by General Electric and the University of Connecticut (edGElab). It is regarded as a gold standard, public-private-partnership. The model has also been integrated in many business schools’ curriculum enhancing students’ career training with learn-by-doing experiences with industry partners.

Dr. Albert is an active educator contributing to the academic community with invited presentations and publications on the Innovator Accelerator model as a core component of experiential learning/learn-by doing. Please click links below to view selected contributions:

Terri C. Albert, Ph.D.

Terri C. Albert, Ph.D.


“How I Teach” (2021). Podcast describing Albert’s project-based learning’s teaching techniques. Harvard Business Publishing; November.
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Albert, Terri (2021). “Funding Experiential Learning Programs Post-Pandemic” MIT’s Action Learning LEPE Conference (Leaders of Experiential Project-Based Education), Zoom; September.
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Albert, Terri (2021). “Making Project-Based Learning Work in an Online Curriculum: A Panel Discussion” Harvard Business Publishing Faculty Webinar Series, Zoom; February.
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Albert, Terri (2018). “Experiential Learning Faculty Training Program Course” Fresh Set of Eyes, LLC, Zoom: Ongoing.

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Case Studies

Albert, Terri (2021) “Project-Based Consulting Lab” Harvard Business Publishing (2021); March.
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Albert, Terri (2019). “Successful Project-Based Learning” Harvard Business Publishing (May).
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Albert, Terri, J. Balla, and P. Prentice (2015). “Mobile Engagement and The Differentiating Role of Analytics” (Case study co-authored in collaboration with Kellogg MBA students and SAS).
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Albert, Terri, V. Orler, C. Beck, A. Crewson, S. Ho, C. Luse, A. Soley, and K. Young (2014). “Shopper Insights to Improve Retail Loyalty Programs” (White paper in collaboration with Kellogg MBA student team, faculty coach and SAS).
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