Discovering Opportunities + Driving Outcomes =
Our New Formula For Success

Fresh Set of Eyes (FSOE) is a consulting practice that captures the entrepreneurial spirit from its academic and industry partners to discover unique and creative solutions in its Innovation Accelerators. Industry thought leaders co-create with the next generation of leaders selected from our academic partners.

Together, sustainable, data-driven, actionable solutions evolve from our collaborative process.


Fresh Set of Eyes (FSOE) has extensive networks of for- and not-for profit organizations including academic institutions. This provides an impressive depth of knowledge-based thinking and experience. Appropriate expertise is tapped for each Innovation Accelerator.

Experiential Learning

Our founder is an experiential learning pioneer providing organizations a gateway into the talented, next generation of leaders. Students benefit from the proven learn-by-doing method and organizations benefit from their unbiased data-driven perspectives.

Innovation Accelerators

Fresh Set of Eyes (FSOE) accelerators nurture and facilitate multiple perspectives tackling an organization’s challenges with co-created solutions in a collaborative process.

“Outstanding innovation workshop culminating in a Shark Tank Competition. It raised the level of cross-functional collaboration to a new height”

- Reflections from a Fortune 100 company executive

“Terri and I worked together for almost twelve years at General Electric’s high-pressure think-tank, edgelab. Her depth of knowledge in marketing techniques and data modeling enabled our research teams to provide disruptive and novel solutions to GE’s growth mandate.  From optimizing engagement strategies for NBC’s advertising to introducing new medical products for GE Healthcare, Terri’s leadership drove new theories and techniques into operation for one of the most operationally complex companies in the world.”

Chris Kalish, President and CEO, The IP Factory; Former Executive Director, GE edgelab

“My company and Fresh Set of Eyes pioneered the Digital Health Transformation Lab for graduate business and engineering programs. Together, we successfully launched a real-world incubator housing student teams and digital health innovators to evaluate, create and launch the next generation of healthcare technology.”

Michael Lake, CEO, Circle Square, Inc.

“Terri is one of the few I know who have the experience of being a practitioner out in the world working with companies – threading that needle between project based learning and work in the corporate sector, as well, as in academia. Among other achievements, she developed the project-based learning model adopted by GE’s student incubator and furthered it at Chicago Booth, Kellogg School of Management, NYU Stern, and Boston University. She has also created a virtual faculty resource center included in the Harvard Business Publishing Course Explorer for faculty. In addition to all of the hats she has worn, she’s also a really great thinking partner.”

Michellana Jester, Ph.D. , Professor, Global Economics and Management Group, MIT, Sloan School of Management.

“Terri provides the entrepreneur with the critical ability to know what isn’t known and know what is. Her vast range of experience, incredible skill set, and her grounding in reality makes her the penultimate mentor for entrepreneurs who think they’ve figured “it” out. Terri’s mentorship gently and respectfully yet forcefully points out when the entrepreneur needs to re-consider assumptions or approaches – and where to not overthink.”

Ned Zimmerman-Bence, Co-Founder, GogyUp! {Assistive Reading Technology—Addressing Adult Literacy}

“As a decades-long collaborator, I’m very well acquainted with Terri’s breadth of experience, including field experiments, determining consumer adoption of retail technology, and the creation, delivery and advancement of project-based learning curricular programs. It’s evident that her approach is built upon a foundation of disciplined thought-leadership combined with a commitment to life-long learning for all involved.”

Dean Alderurcci, Faculty; Director, Center for AI and Patent Analyses, Carnegie Mellon University