• Digital health products/services innovations
  • Population health strategies and protocols
  • Marketing plan for medical device start-up
  • Migration plan from film-based imaging to digital


  • Millennial product and advertising strategies for personal care products
  • Customer interest and acceptance of technology-based check-out that offered deeply discounted products based on their purchases (leveraging rounding up)
  • Student and economic partnership to develop a Shanghai market entry strategy for snack foods
  • Co-authored two case studies on shoppers’ mobile engagement and retail loyalty programs


  • Market assessment of renewable energy (wind, solar, clean coal, gas turbines)
  • Merger and acquisition strategies to maximize efficiencies for a U.S based and European utility companies


  • For a retail professional association, led competitive team presentations proposing breakthrough omnichannel strategies for retailers, manufacturers, and consumer packaged goods senior management
  • Develop, update and market digital platform for a steel trade association
  • Longitudinal shopper study assessing brand awareness and image changes attributed to significant urban renewal investment


  • Created an innovation workshop for a Fortune 100 company to facilitate a cultural shift to entrepreneurship.
  • Social Enterprise--ACT (Action-Learning Curriculum Training). Founding partner; collaborator Global Business School Network ( ACT’s mission is to enhance the developing worlds’ business school curriculum.
  • Ethnographic research leading to recommendations for micro-businesses in Kenya’s West Lake Region
  • Developed and pilot tested an economic growth program for minority, women and veteran-owned entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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