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Innovation Accelerator

Fresh Set of Eyes provides focused consulting services to help businesses identify strategic goals and implementation plans to realize those goals. Experiential learning focusing on faculty training and student-led programs.

Academic Partnerships

Fresh Set of Eyes Academic Partnerships include the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The University of Chicago and the Economic Development Lab at the Kellogg School of Management.

Experiential Learning

We provide resources and tools to educator as they embark on teaching that involves a myriad of case studies, simulations, and project-based learning where projects are framed and synced with the lectures.


Fresh Set of Eyes LLC is a consulting firm dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit and an invigorating approach to innovation. The consultancy specializes in creating Innovation Accelerators — a proven and validated industry and academic method to yield best practices. A customized “accelerator” is designed for each client. Participants bring their expertise and drive to reach an innovative, sustainable solution nurtured by the accelerators’ entrepreneurial collaborative process.

Examples include: Fortune 500 companies seeking multi-dimensional solutions discovered by scrum teams and agile project management; business schools collaborating with industry decision makers co-creating unprecedented and viable innovations; educators experimenting with broadened student experiences from innovative courses leveraging the virtual, hybrid and traditional classroom settings; and early-stage start-ups receiving guidance from experienced mentors to advance their ventures.

Our founder has a diverse portfolio of experience across industries, products/services and operational efficiencies. She applied this knowledge developing the company’s service offerings to include strategic innovative accelerators, academic partnerships with top-ranked business schools; and experiential learning faculty training that can be applied across the globe.

“Outstanding innovation workshop culminating in a Shark Tank Competition. It raised the level of cross-functional collaboration to a new height”

- Reflections from a Fortune 100 company

“Terri and I worked together for almost twelve years at General Electric’s high-pressure think-tank, edgelab. Her depth of knowledge in marketing techniques and data modeling enabled our research teams to provide disruptive and novel solutions to GE’s growth mandate.  From optimizing engagement strategies for NBC’s advertising to introducing new medical products for GE Healthcare, Terri’s leadership drove new theories and techniques into operation for one of the most operationally complex companies in the world.”

Chris Kalish, President and CEO, The IP Factory; Former Executive Director, GE edgelab